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DELMA Side Rotary Filter Vacuum Cleaner DX700
DELMA Side Rotary Filter Vacuum Cleaner DX700
DELMA Side Rotary Filter Vacuum Cleaner DX700
DELMA Side Rotary Filter Vacuum Cleaner DX700
DELMA Side Rotary Filter Vacuum Cleaner DX700
DELMA Side Rotary Filter Vacuum Cleaner DX700

DELMA Side Rotary Filter Vacuum Cleaner DX700

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DELMA Side Rotary Filter Vacuum Cleaner DX700

Amazing suction, versatile and versatile

Never been so easy to control

Delmar side spin filter vacuum cleaner, dual-use hand-held push rod, only 22kg lightweight design, sweeping the house, just as easy as walking.

Spring is the madness of dust mites

Only in 1 gram of dust

There are 18,000 mites

According to research, there are less than 18,000 mites per gram. Sunlight and high temperature can kill mites.But can not remove allergens such as mite corpses

You won't notice!!!
Exhaust dust back into the air again

Vacuum cleaners can suck away mite corpses, but most filtration systems cannot stop the dust from returning, and dust mites will pass through the exhaust.The second flight into the air, causing secondary pollution!

DELMA Side Rotary Filter Vacuum Cleaner DX700

The side whale swallowed clean
Stifle all kinds of dust pollution

  • The slightest dust, instantly strangled, Delma side spin filter vacuum cleaner has an excellent dust filtering system.It can effectively block the dust and kill the secondary pollution in the swaddle.
  • Delma side spin filter technology Let dust escape hundreds of experimental tests have proved that the Delma side rotary filter vacuum cleaner can effectively prevent the generation of dust and allergies such as dust mites.
  • Originally locked in the dust compartment, no backflow, no secondary pollution .

Dust mites for deep cleaning bed

From now on there are no more mites

Deep clean bed mattress, the dust mites in the depths have no shape, quickly absorb, let you sleep peacefully and comfortably.

Vertical/Handheld 2in1

Sweep the whole house

One machine for two purposes, vertical floor cleaning, hand-held cleaning of household surfaces.

Vertical cleaning mode:Stand for vacuuming on the ground without bending over


Easy handheld mode:It can be used after being picked up to absorb dust and allergens on the surface of the home


Multi-angle engineering handle:Up, down, left and right, light and clean

Design the center of gravity close to the handle, design two handle grips, easily cover multiple angles of use while abandoning the bulky structural design, after redesign, the whole is light and smart.

1. heavy
Side cyclone dust filter air
Settling dust, hair, paper scraps, etc. at the bottom of the dust bucket
2 .heavy
Filter dust and noise reduction
HEPA purifying breath
Microporous structure can filter gas and noise again
3 .heavy
HEPA purifying breath
Intercept contaminants up to 0.1 microns

Split dust bucket & One-click dusting

3-step installation is simple and easy to use

step1: Take out the host and the connecting tube, connect the two

step2: Take out the ground brush and install it on the connecting pipe

step3: Power on, just turn on the vacuum cleaner


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