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Depilation Sticky Hair Trimmer
Depilation Sticky Hair Trimmer
Depilation Sticky Hair Trimmer
Depilation Sticky Hair Trimmer
Depilation Sticky Hair Trimmer

Depilation Sticky Hair Trimmer

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Depilation sticky hair trimmer

One touch, one stick, smooth and clean

  • Patented debonding dual-use triple care deballing
  • Micro-arc clothing net
  • Hide the sticky hair tube
  • RoHS certification, charging and plugging


Pilling ball/sticky hair/rough feel

The fate that clothing cannot escape

Dry clothes in autumn and winter are prone to friction and generate static electricity. The fibers on the surface of the fabric are pulled to form dense hair balls, which makes the clothes feel rough. Static electricity can easily cause hair debris to stick to the surface of clothing. Even the most expensive wool coat can not escape the fate of hairballs and sticky hairs.

Patent protection

Say goodbye to clothing pilling/sticky hair

The new two-in-one design for removing balls and sticking hair, one machine solves the two major problems of pilling and sticking hair in autumn and winter clothing. At the same time, it can deeply care for the clothes, first remove the hair ball, then stick the hair to remove the dust, to avoid the residual friction of the fluff, dust, and dander to generate the hair ball.

The micro-arc front nest steel surface clothing net can effectively separate the high-speed sharp knife and protect the beloved clothing 360°, avoiding accidental cutting. The curved honeycomb steel cover is close to the surface of the clothing, and the hair balls on the clothing are locked to clean quickly. Care inside and out, smooth and not rough at the touch.

  • Delmar stainless steel knife net is 0.35mm thick, hard enough to protect clothing
  • Single thin knife net 0.1mm thickness, the material is not hard enough, easy to damage clothing

The clothing net slipped by & Restore the soft texture of clothing
The traditional hair removal method always comes at the expense of clothing. The hair ball trimmer equipped with a micro-arc honeycomb clothing net is like adding a protective cover to the blade. When it touches the clothing, it does not hook a thread, and it slips over the clothing to restore smoothness and suppleness.

*Protection experiment: put the working Delma hair ball trimmer on the balloon and slide it back and forth. The balloon did not burst, verifying the excellent protective effect of the clothing net, effectively isolating and not hurting the clothing.

Can't I shave my hair after spending half a day? 

  • Powered motor drives sharp blades
  • Instantly harvest hair balls, restore delicate
The built-in 7000/mn power motor drives the wind blades to produce hurricane suction, which attracts the hair balls on the clothing tightly to the surface of the knife net. It is equipped with a whirlwind blade to cut the hair balls and absorb excess hairs. Many times like new clothes.

Cumbersome and time-consuming?

New hidden sticky hair tube & 

Hair removal and sticky hair have both

The sticky hair tube is integrated and concealed at the handle to realize the maximization of space utilization. After removing the hairballs from the clothes, pull out the hair remaining after the sticky hairballs are removed to prevent the hairballs from being tangled with the clothes fibers again, and the clothing care is in one step

Easy to deal with sticky hair troubles & Sticky and clean

The sticky hair cylinder sweeps on the clothes, and the high-sticky sticky paper instantly removes all kinds of foreign objects such as hair and dust attached to the clothes. Lightweight design, the clothes in use can also immediately stick hair, and can also be used for cleaning foreign bodies in beds, carpets and car interiors.

  • Clothing
  • Carpet
  • Bed
  • Car 

Charge and plug dual-use design

Rechargeable and plug-and-play 

USB charging and plugging dual-use, using high-quality lithium battery as the power source, 2H full charge does not need to wait for a long time, it is strong enough to run 45mn; it can also be plugged in and use without waiting, use while charging, it is convenient to remove hair balls for a large number of clothes, satisfy you I need it.

Basic parameters
Product name: Hair Ball Trimmer
Product model: DEM-MO811
Rated voltage: 3.7V
Rated power: 3W
Charging voltage: 5.0V
Charging current: ≤350mA
Noise: <75dB
Overall size: 192*70*75mm
Material: ABS, PC, stainless steel

The host contains 1 roll of sticker, with 1 roll of sticker attached, 2 rolls of sticker in total


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