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Sweeping Mop
Sweeping Mop
Sweeping Mop
Sweeping Mop

Sweeping Mop

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Sweep the floor without dust, mopping the floor without dirty water

Wide mouth quick sweep 丨

Slightly wet without water stains丨

Polishing mop丨

Disinfectant can be added

Every cleaning,You may all be in contact with the source of pollution

Every time you sweep the floor, the raised dust may be scattered on your skin; every time you clean up the garbage, your hands may be directly in contact with the garbage; every time you mop the floor, the repeated use of the mopping water may contaminate the ground again... every time you clean it, It is inevitable to come into contact with the source of pollution.

170mm wide flow inlet

Easy to deal with large pieces of dust

Redesigning the import into a 170mm widened structure is enough to deal with all kinds of dust and dust generated in daily life, and accidentally drop snack residues, fruit shells, paper scraps, etc. on the ground for easy cleaning.

*It can clean all kinds of garbage within 10mm in diameter, it is recommended to only clean dry garbage

Large belly dustproof box

One-touch dusting does not dirty hands

The capacity of the dust box is 230mL, so there is no need to dump it frequently. Leak-proof and sealed design to lock dust and garbage. When dust is poured, it will be opened with a light press, and the hands will not be dirty.

Foot pedal snap-on disassembly

No need to bend down

Easy to pedal, you can install or remove the mop, no need to bend your hands, easy and convenient. The buckle design can be sucked firmly or separated easily, and the state of sweeping or mopping can be changed at will.

*Transformed into a water spray mop, mopping the floor without pollution

*Every time you spray clean water mist

*Spray and drag   without repeated washing with dirty water

Say goodbye to the secondary pollution caused by repeatedly washing a bucket of dirty water with a mop.

110cm wide angle fan spray

Wider range, faster cleaning

With one press, the spray distance of the water mist can reach 110cm, and the coverage area becomes wider, allowing you to spray away the stains one by one.Large area clean, save cleaning time.

Mop capable of polishing the ground

Lock water hook dust & No dirt in the gap

The fine fiber mop is mixed with carbon wire to form a dust hook. The mop slides on the ground to hook the fine dust in the gap.Clear, restore the ground bright and clean.

Suitable for floor/tile/marble

Remove wet and dry stains &  restore clean

It is suitable for common floors, tiles, marbles and other floors. It not only removes the dust footprints on the ground, but also drags away the juice sauce, etc., it is easy to deal with dry and wet stains, clean and bright.

Three-dimensional rotatable design

Go deep into the corner blind area &  flexible sweep and drag

The sweeping head can rotate flexibly 140° left and right, 90° up and down, easily bypass the furniture, go deep into the bottom of the bed, and sweep away the dust and trash, drag away the deposited dirt.

Product parameters
Product name: water spray mop
Product model: DEM-TB900
Dust box capacity: 230mL
Water tank capacity: 280m
Product size: 375*172*1309mm
Product material: ABS/PET/stainless steel

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